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Are you looking for downloading the XTC2Clip tool here and there? Fortunately, you have come to one of the most reliable places. Here, we not only supply the tool that you are in search of but also, carry out the installation manual. So, today we are going to give you the download link of your desired tool. Also, we will spell out the characteristics and features of the tool as well as the installation procedure. Just be with us till the last to get the best value out of this tool. Let’s begin our journey.

XTC2CLIP Installer

What is the XTC2 Clip tool?

There are various multitasking tools on the market to serve various purposes. The XTC2 clip is there to serve especially the HTC smartphone devices. It can fix numerous software related issues of any HTC device. The tool is packed with special features for the HTC devices.

From flashing your handset to IMEI repair, it can benefit you in tons of ways. It supports a bunch of HTC devices. Let’s look at its valuable features in brief.

Features of this tool

  • Sim Unlock or Lock a phone

This tool can unlock the sim inside your HTC device if it gets locked somehow. It can also lock the phone if you need. So, you can say it works in both ways by unlocking and locking at one place.

  • Repair IMEI

If by flashing or by any other means your phone’s IMEI gets invalid, you can get it to the real IMEI with this tool. It will help you repair your IMEI rather than changing its IMEI which is illegal.

  • Flash

To upgrade or downgrade the firmware of your device, you can flash your phone with this tool. Don’t forget to backup your file before flashing.

  • Country ID and MEID change

You can change the country ID (CID) of your phone. The country ID generally used for firmware region lock.

It also allows for changing the MEID of CDMA area phones.

  • Security level Change

XTC 2 clip features S-ON or S-OFF option. You can turn on or off the security of your device. You can also execute service action and run unsigned code with it.

  • Improved FRP Removal

The latest version comes with an improved FRP removal method.

These are some of the main features of this tool but it has many more to reveal. Just download the tool and you will see.

XTC 2 Clip Crack

Generally, the tool comes with XTC2Clip power adapter and dongle. In that case, you have to pay for it. But the crack version is the XTC 2 clip without box version that is modified to give free service.

How to install the XTC 2 Clip?

  • First, Download the HTC driver on your computer. (If you have downloaded the driver earlier, skip this step).
  • Download the XTC2Clip package from this website.
  • Now, extract the package and install the setup file by following the setup wizard.
  • That’s it.

How to use XTC 2 Clip

The XTC 2 clip tool has 2 operation mode. The first mode is Direct and another is Offline mode.

The direct mode works when you are connected to the PC with your Smartphone and your phone is in fastboot mode.

The offline mode works when you are not connected to the PC. It is a hectic method and I prefer not to use this mode if you want to use it for free.


XTC2clip Tool is special software for the HTC smartphone devices. It is a useful tool for HTC users. I have guided you on how to install and use this tool and also carried out the XTC2Clip latest version installer and the crack version tool. I hope you have benefited from this article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay tuned for the latest updates regularly. Until then, take care and spread the goodness.


XTC2Clip Latest Version Full Installer Download

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