Download Android VCOM USB Driver For Windows

Android VCOM USB Driver is tool that is used for the communication with computer. It helps to flash the file or transfer any file from device pc or pc to device. The important thing of this driver is, this is compatible with Android Smartphone which is powered by “Mediatek”. This is one of the necessary tools to transfer or flash your device.

Android USB VCOM Driver

Download and Installation Process of Android VCOM USB Driver:

We will discuss here about the steps that you need to apply for running it on windows 7, 8, 10 or windows XP. But if you want to run ths driver on windows 8 or newer then you must need to disable driver signature verification. You can find lots of guidances on online to how to do it. Just follow them.

Follow the following steps to download and run it on your computer.

Step 1: First of all, download it form that site which provide this software and then extract it.

Step 2: Now, open your control panel and go to “Device Manager”.

Step 3: In this menu, you can see your computer name at the top of the settings and here you need to choose “Add legacy Headware” option.

Step 4: After choosing it, you will go to the new pop screen. Here, you need to click the “Next’ button.

Step 5: Here you can find this option which is “Install the Hardware that i manually select from a list”. Again click on the “Next” button here.

Step 6: Choose “Show All Devices” and then go to the “Next” button.

Step 7: Here, you can find the “Have Disk”. You just need to select it and then go to any .inf file which extracted in the step 1.

Step 8: Select here the browse option and then browse the extracted folder here which is “Mediatek VCOM Drivers”.

Step 9: After choosing the .inf file then click on the “Open”. Here, you can see a security warming and select here “Install Anyway”.

Step 10: Install all .inf files then restart your computer.

Step 11: Now, the whole process is completed. You have successfully installed this driver on your computer.

These are all the steps to download Android VCOM USB Driver on your computer. Maintain these instructions properly.

Final Thought:

Here, we try to discuss what Android VCOM USB Driver is and how to download and install it. It is an important element for your computer for the communication with your device. You can’t transfer any file if you don’t have it. That’s why it is really so needed tool for us. Hope, this article is for all of you to know how to download this driver.

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Download Android VCOM USB Driver For Windows

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