MTK Droid Tools All Version (2019) Download

Here you will get effective Guide on how to make your own Scatter File through MTK Droid Tools for the MTK device. Download MTK Droid tools and create the Scatter File for all MediaTek devices. The file contains information about the device structure and the memory map of the image file. The Scatter File is used to give details region loads on your exact Android device, which runs the MediaTek ARM design.

MTK Droid Tools

Users of MediaTek devices

Use the Scatter File with Android operating system together with the SP Flash Tool to install new firmware and to fix the boot loop on the device. You can find and download the suitable Scatter File for your Android MTK device. If you cannot find this file, you can create your own Scatter File. We connect the device to the PC using the USB cable and run the MTK Droid Tools as a system administrator. It will run with root permissions automatically on some ADB phones, otherwise, we will have to press the root button next to ADB Terminal, or check Grant if they have the SuperSU application installed. If everything is well configured, the tool will load all the device information and we can start with the backup procedure.

Create the Scatter File for all MediaTek devices

Requirements: you must have a device with the Android operating system, based on MTK chipset and The USB cable with a basic knowledge to perform simple tasks.

Step 1: Through the following guide, you can allow USB debugging and the developer option on your MTK device.

Step 2: Download MTK Droid tools and install the MediaTek mtk driver auto-installer on your pc / computer equipment, so that you can connect your MTK device with the equipment correctly. Make sure you have a battery, charged to prevent the device from turning off during the process.

Step 3: Click on MTK Droid Tools Download option then download and install ADB and fastboot well-matched with almost all android devices on your computer. After completing the on top of steps, with the USB cables connect your MTK chipset-based Android device to the computer.

Step 4: Download and extract the MTK Droid Tools file once the file has been extracted run MTKdroidTools.exe file on your computer and wait until it loads the information from your device.

Step 5: Then, once the device information has been loaded properly, click on Blocks Map

Step 6: In the new window that will appear, block information will be displayed. Now, you have to click on the generate Scatter File button.

You will be asked to save the Scatter file. You can save it any folder on your computer for example; it will be easier to locate it later. Now Click on the Save button to begin the process of creating the Scatter file.

You have created the Scatter file effectively for your device by following the tips on how to create the Scatter File for all MediaTek devices. Make the most of the device, following this guide to create an android backup and then be able to restore the complete system in case you need it. We recommend to make a backup copy of the EFS partition that stores recognition information of your device.

MTK Droid Tools All Version (2019) Download

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