How to Reboot EDL to Fastboot Mode Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi has officially locked the bootloader so that they can improve their security system. However, the good news is that it does not support to all devices; it is only for the latest devices. Because of locking the bootloader we can’t currently flash the device via fastboot. But there is no need to be frustrated because there is another great way to flash the Xiaomi devices which is EDL Mode. But there are many xiaomi users who have no idea about the use of EDL mode so far. Its main reason is that using EDL mode is more complicated than fastboot and in some cases, it requires special tools. We will make it easy for you to have a detailed discussion about the EDL Mode and its use here so that you can use it as a second option.

Fastboot EDL

What Does EDL Mode Mean?

EDL means Emergency Download Mode. When your device is hard brick or boot loop or dead boot then this mode helps you to transfer the Android operating system from computer to EMMC through the processor. This is like an emergency door. It is available on Qualcomm Snapdragon devices.

Use ADB Commands and Boot into EDL Mode:

If your device is on the normal situation then you can use ADB which means Android Debug Bridge. Make sure that the USB Debugging enable and then connect it to the computer. When your computer recognizes the device, it will allow moving on. After it, you can enter EDL Mode of the device by writing commands. You just need to have Minimal ABD and Fastboot software so that you can write the commands.

Follow these following steps:

* Go to the “Settings” of your device and click on the “About Phone”.

* Tap on the “MIUI Version” for several times. If you get this message “You Have Developer Option” then press on the Back button.

* After it clicks on the “settings” and then “Additional Settings”.

* Then select the “Developer Option”.

* Enable these two options of your device “USB Debugging” and “OEM unlocking”.

* Connect your device to the computer. After connecting to the computer a message will come which is “Allow USB Debugging” then clicks OK.

* After getting connected to the computer, you just need to open the installation directory of the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot”.

* Press the shift button and then click on the right option. After it, select the “Open Command Window Here” so that it can display the command prompt screen.

* When the command prompt screen comes to the computer, you need to type “adb reboot ed1” and then press the enter button. You will find that your phone screen shows as dead. This is the sign of your phone that goes into EDL Mode.

* After it go to the device manager of your windows computer and check on the Ports. If you find that Qualcomm HS USB Qdloader 9008 is detected then this means the driver is perfectly installed.

* The next step is, use MI Flash Tool to flash the device

Take Across From Fastboot

You have to still use the Minimum ADB and Fastboot tool. Firstly, we have to go to the Fastboot Mode first then go to the EDL Mode. Follow these steps:

*, First of all, turn off your device.

* Press “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons to go to Fastboot. Keep pressing these until the Xiaomi “Rabbit” image shows.

* After it connects your device to the computer.

* Use the same method and open the Minimal ABD and Fastboot command prompt.

* Just type “fastboot oem ed1” and after it you will find your device is moving to the EDL Mode. If you find that the command doesn’t work then type “fastboot reboot-ed1” or “fastboot reboot ed1”.

Combination With The Buttons:

Follow these steps:

* First of all turn off your device.

* After it, plug the one end of the USB Cable into the PC port. Don’t need to give the connection of the other end to the phone.

* Press the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons and at that moment connect the other end of the USB Cable to the phone.

* You will find that your device is going to EDL Mode automatically by showing the light up blinking.

Final Words:

We discuss here the EDL Mode and how to use it for fastboot. Using EDL mode is not an easy work to do but if you properly maintain those ways then you can easily use it. Hope, this article will be much helpful to know the full details of it.

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How to Reboot EDL to Fastboot Mode Xiaomi Devices

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